Welcome to The BOGINENI BLACK, the future of the F&B world. To create it, we started with a design that fosters creativity, the reinvented the way we work and live.

A pioneer to identify the potential in high-value, premium and luxury products and lifestyle BOGINENI BLACK was a convept created by Mr. & Mrs. Bogineni. The venture evolved into businesses that ensured a premium lifestyle to the luxury spaces across the world. Today, the name BOGINENI is becoming synonymous with luxury and opulence in all facets.


Jayen Desai

“A family hangout place designed with class which was missing in entire well thought off in terms of design, services and the overall concept of engaging folks of all now thinking of where to throw a party, just hangout with bunch of friends,. Keep kids excited and occupied...we have now a place to try out...lovely ambience ..., Whitefield Resident"


I believe I have finally found a place in the city where I can work for eight hours at a stretch, have an enjoyable business lunch meeting, catch up on some Netflix, go for a run, read and relax without having to step out.

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