BOGINENI INDIAN PALLET, the critically acclaimed flagship of Passion F&B, Bengaluru is the birthplace of ‘innovative Indian cuisine’, offering guests a progressive Indian fine-dining experience.                          .

Complementing the elevation of space design, the dynamic, young team of chefs under the able guidance of the group’s award-winning, Corporate Chefs, have skillfully crafted a new culinary experience that engages all the senses. Inspired by, and credited with reviving, the unique concept of gueridon service, the menu at BOGINENI INDIAN PALLET showcases traditional dishes from the sub-continent presented with a modernistic approach. Embracing various regional Indian culinary influences that have woven its way into the cuisine, BOGINENI INDIAN PALLET’s menu is sophisticated, imaginative, highly visual and engaging, lending each dining experience as a unique culinary journey. BOGINENI INDIAN PALLET is present in Bengaluru, India.